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Jason Njoku

Arguably one of Africa’s most well known entrepreneurs. Currently Founder of IROKOTV one of the largest African paid content services. He co-founded and sold ROK to French Media giant Vivendi / Canal+ in 2019 in the largest West Africa media deal in history. One of the earliest angel investors in Nigeria deploying $2m with Spark, with deep knowledge of African venture capital, startup acceleration and business development there is very few who have achieved such an impact on African tech culture.

Jason has always been very direct and very  outspoken evangelist for youth driven capitalism as an answer to African wealth creation.

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Our open, honest and direct community is the heart of Investzilla. We dissect and deep dive into business models, monetization models, product market fit ideas and strategies for startups success. As a member you are free to pick up what you want but the idea is to chat, share and learn. We don’t have time for monitoring spirits. We expect everyone to be engaged and to share. After all; We learn and earn together.

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Why Investzilla?

Whether you have $10,000 or $100,000 to invest per year. The Investzilla community will give you access to 25+ investment decks and financials from some of the hottest technology companies in emerging markets. If you are conservative or short term investor, this community isn’t for you. We are democratising access to the most exciting startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be part of that community, the annual subscription helps support the development of the platform, filtering company deal flow, in depth research and conversations across Africa to share the best available investment options. We are democratising the usually opaque access to startup deal flow.

Members are encouraged to make at least $5,000 in investments annually to get the full benefit of Investzilla

A syndicate is a special entity created to invest in a startup. Syndicates pool together capital from a group of investors into the special purpose entity (or vehicle), The pooled funds are then invested into a specific company. Investzilla opens up our proprietary deal flow, decades of startup building and investing experience to lower the barrier of startup investing. We are invested in each deal alongside you all. Pro-rated

  • Legal + company formation ($500-1,000)
  • 20% Investzilla Exit advisory Fee (carry)

Carry is a percentage of positive returns generated by the investment. This only applies after you get your initial investment back. For example

You Invest $15,000

If the investment returns $100,000

You get $15,000 (your original investment) thereafter

You + Investzilla split the rest 80% (You) – 20% (Us)* So you would make 80% of ($100,000-$15,000) = $68,000 + original $15,000 investment = $83,000

Investzilla would make 20% of ($100,000-$15,000) = $17,000

No. Just to be crystal clear that will never be in your control. That is up to the founding team and / or the later stage capital partners (VC & PE etc) You are joining the journey with the startup for the long term. Typical funds run from 7-14 year life spans. The earlier you are the better the returns typically will be at exit. But its down to the quality of the company and opportunity.
High. Folks FOMO over the winners (like recently Paystack $200m Stripe acquisition). But the stinkers are never fully appreciated nor communicated. Early-stage investing is super high risk. I would look at this as making x10 (1,000%) or 0%. Your capital is definitely at risk. Investzilla will not be liable for any losses you may incur. But it will do its best to make sure you have a positive outcome.
In a word. Yes. But It depends what you are looking for in terms of outcome. These are super high risk, super illiquid deals o. Your money has a high chance of being lost and will most likely be locked for 5-7 years.
The angel investors in Iroko made 3,000% after 5 years invested in the company ($80k investment yielded $2.4m at a capital restructure & secondary). Jason led the Spark investment in Paystack in 2016 and Spark will make 1,440% return when Stripe acquisition closes. Beyond pure acquisitions there are numerous ways to exit a startup investment (dividends, secondary offerings etc) prior to the big liquidity event. These are few and far between but they do happen. And increasingly so.
Founder. Jason will open up his deal flow, source new deals, filtering through his extensive decades long network to put the best deals available in front of the community. These deals are some of the hottest deals in African tech. He will lead all the administration around SPV setting up and continued support to exit
You won’t be trained. We strongly promote independent learning and we share resources to that end. You will be guided on the best deals to develop your own knowledge base and guide your investment strategy Jason Njoku and fellow investors are always happy to answer questions but in the end it’s up to you to do your own work. It is your wealth you are managing after all
Yup. Of course you can, we have community members who are living around the world but have an interest in investing.
Yup. You will get a full investment pack containing a company deck, basic financials and corporate structure information to get yourself comfortable with a particular deal. You can see (and join) the debate and then decide whether you want to invest in a particular company or not. Together we learn and then earn.
For what? Investzilla? Nope. It’s a virtual community. But we are usually very supportive & active in helping you with any queries or concerns you have

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The point of Investzilla is to learn, find startup ideas to fund and grow your wealth. We expect you to be better simply by being part of our community. You determine your ROI.

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